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Our intensive OOW Oral Prep programs, first and foremost, provide a thorough grounding to ensure you're well-prepared for your MCA oral exams. Additionally, our mock assessments are designed to bolster your knowledge and skills, enabling you to progress your maritime career with confidence.

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At Flying Colours, we harness over 30 years of seasoned experience in both the commercial and superyacht industries, and we take pride in this extensive background. Moreover, our expertise isn't confined to the high seas; we're equally skilled in providing shore-based training. Additionally, our dedicated team is here to guide, mentor, and assist deck officers at every stage, from Master 200 to Master Unlimited, ensuring they possess the crucial knowledge for their career advancement. Our specialty, furthermore, is in MCA Oral Prep, and we offer a suite of customized training solutions that comprehensively cover the MCA deck exam syllabus. Moreover, our services extend to include guided study programs, mock exams, and a range of other supportive educational measures. What's more, we provide in-depth tutoring for all subjects that deck officers need to master as part of their exams, accommodating the 500, 3000, and Unlimited tonnage categories. Lastly, our focus is steadfast on your professional growth, with each course meticulously designed to edge you closer to achieving your career goals.